Natalie Phillips makes absolutely unique creations. Jewelry is her primary form of art using natural stones, both precious and semi-precious glass beads, wood and metals. Although jewelry is her primary art medium, she is experimenting with new innovative designs that will continue to be displayed on her web site. Watercolors, leather and wood decorator items will be added on an ongoing basis. When you purchase a gift from "Saguaro Gifts" you will have the joy of helping Miss Phillips towards her goal of becoming an independent young woman and you are guaranteed to have an original creation. Natalie Phillips is an original creation and she invites you to keep checking in on this web site to see what she has created for you!

In addition to her talent as an artist Natalie Phillips is the longest surviving child in the entire world to have survived the transplant of a heart, double lungs and a kidney. Doctors have said that she was terminal since infancy. She surprised them with her determination and she continues to fight for her life on a daily basis. Natalie is extremely grateful for her lifesaving transplant surgeries, however it means that she will deal with the devastating side effects of antirejection drugs, like severe hand tremors and debilitating head aches. The most incapacitating side effect is the chronic infections she suffers due to the suppression of her immune system. Natalie has had hundreds of medical procedures and has had multiple near death experiences. She defies the expectations of her doctors by living still on the cutting edge of medical miracles.

Natalie Phillips is a native of the valley of the sun, Phoenix Arizona. Her ancestors came to settle in the harsh desert four generations ago. Southwestern influences are apparent in her art. Her phenomenal spirit and determination to overcome her adversity are qualities that inspire all that know her. She was awarded the "Mickey Mantle Award of Courage" at the 1998 Transplant Olympic Games. Natalie participates in Transplant Team Arizona events and works with other transplant recipients to spread the message about the "Gift of Life". Natalie is attempting to make enough money on her business to attend the World Transplant Games this summer in France.

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